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FOOTBALL: Former Kiyovu Sports striker "Pendo" passes away in Burundi

Former Etincelles and Kiyovu Sports Club player Faustin Habyarimana a.k.a Pendo passes away in Burundi.

Gikamba Ismael, one of Pendo’s close friends confirmed the death to RuhagoYacu saying the former footballer passed away at his home in Burundi!

Pendo has been club-hunting following his spell with different clubs in Rwanda.

Gikamba said, “ It is true, I have heard he passed away, and he was sick when we last met! He passed away in Burundi. He was here recently training, when we were preparing for the 2017-2018 campaign!”

RuhagoYacu understand that after the star parted ways with Etincelles, he linked up with Bukavu Dawa of DRC where he fell sick last September to later return home for medication.

It is reported Pendo might have been poisoned while on duty in DRC, though medical reports have always been negative till his last breath yesterday.
Pendo(5th circled) in Etincelles shirt while in Rwanda Premier LeaguePendo(5th circled) in Etincelles shirt while in Rwanda Premier League
In Rwandan league, Faustin Habyarimana ‘Pendo’ played for Mukura VS, Kiyovu Sports, Espoir FC, Amagaju FC and Etincelles FC.

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