Ten drivers confirm to Rallye des Milles Collines

The 10 crews from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda have confirmed that they will compete in the Rallye des Milles Collines that will take place on Saturday and cover 150km in Nyamata, Bugesera District.

The one day event will have tricky sections like sharp corners, fast tracks, and will be 70% closed road in the last race of the Rwanda National Championship which led by Jean-Claude Gakwaya.

The registered drivers include six Rwandans, two Ugandans and two from Burundi. The race will cover Nyagihunika, Kamabuye and Rilima with sections 3, 4 and 5.

This event is the last race on the national rally championship calendar. Ugandan Pole Pole Wilbert and Bashir Mbogo–Mitsubishi Evolution VI (Kajala Rally Team) are defending champions.

Gakwaya kept the leading overall with the race for the Rwanda National Championship with 67 points, a whole 31 points ahead of his closest challenger Christophe Nizette (36 points) but Gakwaya is doubtful for the race after failing to replace his blue Subaru Impreza whose engine was broken in Huye Rally.

The event sponsored by Bank of Kigali, SP, Tuuza Inn, BSC, Coca Cola, RMC (Rwanda Motorcycle Company), Grofin and Dy Solutions.


1. Nyiridandi(Yoto)Fabrice and Remera Regis in muri Toyota Celica-Rwanda

2. Gakwaya Eric in Subaru-Rwanda

3. Rusagara Serge and Mujiji Kevin in Subaru-Rwanda

4. Fergadiotis Gakuba Tassos and Kayitankole Lionel in Toyota Corolla-Rwanda

5. Remezo Christian and Gahuragiza Jean Marie in Toyota Celica-Burundi

6. Giesen Jean Jean and Dewalque Yannick in Toyota Celica-Rwanda

7. Semana Genese and Hakizimana Jacques in Peugeot-Rwanda

8. Din Imitiaz and Uwimana Jules in Toyota Avensis-Burundi

9. Mukaza Yasin and Serwanga Jackson in Toyota Levin-Uganda

10. Balondemo Gilberto ane Lwanga Hamza in Toyota Corolla-Uganda


1. Gakwaya Jean Claude 67

2. Christophe Nizette 36

3. Fabrice Nyiridandi 23

4. Christian Kanangire 13

5. Genese Semana 6

6. Fergadiotis Tassos Gakuba 3

7. Alain Murenzi 3

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