Rwanda to host 2018 Continental Road Championships

Rwanda has officially been awarded the rights to host the 2018 African Continental Road Championships. The event will take place in February on dates which will run on February 13-18.

It will be the second time that Rwanda hosts the continental championships, having been already held here in 2010.

Rwanda Cycling Federation already has experience in hosting high-level competitions such as Tour du Rwanda which has earned great success over the year and is now one of the major cycling events in Africa.

Speaking on the event Aimable Bayingana, President of Rwanda Cycling Federation, said, "We are delighted and honored to bring back the continental champs to Rwanda. This is a great appreciation for Rwanda’s hosting qualities that we have in hosting several events including a hugely successful Tour du Rwanda."

Bayingana added that preparations for Continental Championships are progressing well "preparations have already started and we are confident that the 2018 continental championships will be the best Africa has known. Our passion for cycling is renowned and we can expect huge crowds just as there are every year during the Tour du Rwanda. We are eager to create a memorable experience for all the participants and fans."

This year’s African Continental Road Championships took place in Luxor, Egypt.

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