RAF elections moved to unknown date

RWANDA Athletics Federation (RAF) elections for a new executive committee has been shifted to unknown dates.

The elections were pushed just a few days before the elections day, December 17. The head of the RAF electoral commission, Capt. Oswald Rutagengwa has assured a new date for the elections will be announced in the near future.

The new year must find in a new executive committee, the elections will absolutely take place before end of 2017.

According to RAF constitution, the federation’s executive committee must at least be made of 30% women.

RAF General Assembly will sit on December 17 as initially planned and discuss that issue.

Johnson Rukundo, the former secretary general of the federation and Jean Paul Munyandamutsa, the incumbent president of the federation, had lodged candidatures for presidency.

Former Rwanda international Serge Gasore is another famous name reported to be vying to be secretary general of the country’s athletics governing body.

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