Heroes’ Day Handball Tournament set for February, 3-4

The national Heroes Day handball tournament is scheduled for February 3-4 at Kimisagara Youth Center, according to Rwanda Handball Federation (Ferwahand). The tourney will have both men and women categories in contention for the crown.

APR are the defending champions after defeating 37-33 Police while the women’s Gorillas won title after defeating 18-17 Mwendo.

Ngarambe added that the deadline for registration for competing teams will be January 31, however the General Assemble to will be held on January 6.

The clubs supposed to participate in the Heroes Day handball tournament are: holders APR, Police, ADEGI, ES Kigoma, St Aloys, Nyakabanda, Inyemeramihigo, ES Urumuri, UR-Huye and Groupe Scolaire Rambura in men’s category.

Meanwhile, the women’s category include Hanika Technical Secondary School (Nyanza district), Gorillas, University of Rwanda College of Education (Kigali), Groupe Scolaire Mayange, Ecole Secondaire Mukingi (Ruhango district), Duha Complex School and Appega Technical Secondary School (Rwamagana) and Groupe Scolaire Mwendo of Bugesera District.

However, APR won last year league title for the first time in eight years while they went to participate in the African Handball Champions League tournament in Hammamet, Tunisia ro finish at the bottom without winning a single game. The 2018 men’s handball national championship will kick-off on Feb 16 this year.

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