Burundian dominated Rallye des Milles Collines as Gakwaya wins Rwanda National Championship

Burundian dominated Rallye des Milles Collines as Gakwaya wins Rwanda National Championship

Rallye des Milles Collines standing, time and points

1. Jean-Jean Giesen (BDI) 1h 39’ 13’’ (26pts)

2. Christian Remezo (BDI) 1h50’04’’ (18pts)

3. Did Imitiaz (BDI) 01h52’24’’ (16pts)

4. Tassos G. Fergasiotis (RWA) 2h 13’ 20’’ (14pts)

5. Gilberoto Balondemu (UG) 2h 24’ 55’’ (12pts)

6. Fabrice Yoto Nyirinkindi (RWA) 2h 25’ 47’’ (10pts)

7. Genese Semana (RWA) 2h 28’ 23’’ (8pts)

8. Eric Gakwaya (RWA) 3h 34’ 06’’ (3pts)

BURUNDIAN Jean-Jean Giesen who was navigated by Rwandan Yannick Dewalque in Toyota Celica won the 34th edition of Rallye des Mille Collines after clocking 1 hour 39 minutes and 13 seconds in the distance of 156km in Nyamata in Bugesera District.
Jean-Jean Giesen (second left) Jean-Jean Giesen (second left)
Rwanda Jean Claude Gakwaya who did not participated in the event has crowned the National Rally Championships after Rwandan driver, Fabrice Yoto Nyirinkindi failed to corrected 26 points of the winner of Rallye des Mille Collines which could give him chance to win the title.

Gakwaya did not compete in the event after his car was broken engine during Huye last two months ago but he went to win the title with 67 points ahead of closest rival, Fabrice Yoto Nyirinkindi with 52 points.

“It is great to win the event. This is the second time to be navigator and I still do some mistakes but I hope I am improving race by race hope to be better next year” Jean-Jean Giesen co-driver Yannick Dewalque said.

“We made some mistakes at the starting and go puncture two times but at the last minutes we tried to restore and finish better. We hope to improve next year” he noted

The one day race was dominated by Burundians trio include Jean-Jean Giesen with time of 1 hour 39 minute and 13 seconds, Christian Remezo came as second after clocked 1 hour 50 minutes and 4 seconds, other Burundian Did Imitiaz followed with 1 hour 50 minutes and 23 seconds.

The closet Rwanda was Tassos Fergasiotis Gakuba who came on fourth place with 2 hours 13 minites and 20 seconds, Ugandan Gilberoto Balondemu followed with 2 hours 24 minutes 55 second while Fabrice Yoto Nyirinkindi navigated by Remera Regis in Toyota Celica from Rwanda who was favorite to win the race came on sixth place with 2h 25 minutes and 47 minutes while Genese Semana from Rwanda clocked 2h 28 minutes and 23 seconds.

The drivers run 156 kilometers include road of Kayenzi-Gashyushya, Kayumba-Mwogo and Super Stage at Tuza Inn Bar in Bugesera.

Mukaza Yasin/Serwanga Jackson (Toyota Levin, UG) failed to turn up for the last minute while Remezo Christian/Gahuragiza Jean Marie (Toyota Celica, Bur) and Rusagara Serge/Mujiji (Subaru, Rwa) did not finish the race.

2017 Final NRC standings:

1. Jean Claude Gakwaya 67 points

2. Fabrice Yoto Nyiridandi 52

3. Christophe Nizette 36

4. Jean-Jean Giesen 26

5. Christian Remezo 31

6. Fergadiotis Tassos Gakuba 17

7. Did Imitiaz 16

8. Genese Semana 15

9. Christian Kanangire 13

10. Alain Murenzi 3

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